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How to Build a Concrete Patio: 0 Easy Steps The Seven Trust ...

If you install a concrete patio, dig out a space 8 inches deep; 4 inches for the ... the foundation of the house and any other existing concrete that meets the patio. ... a wood or magnesium hand float over the surface to proved a final smoothing.【Get Price】

Should I Build a Low Level Deck Over an Existing Concrete Slab or ...

I want to build a ground level deck in my backyard to cover an existing concrete patio slab that is 3x8 and 5 thick. I am having trouble figuring ... I attached pictures to give you a better idea of what my current patio and the space restrictions look like. I want to build a floating ... The added 5" makes building a wood deck possible - if you do it right along with a little bit of additional work. But first let& 39;s discuss...【Get Price】

How do I pour concrete around existing wood posts? - Video

Video explaining how to pour concrete around existing wood posts.【Get Price】

composite wood decking over concrete patio

how to build a deck over a concrete patio the family handyman. is your old concrete patio an eyesore? , composite wood decking over concrete - youtube. Get Price Free Sample Contact. install a ground-level deck over a concrete patio. you...【Get Price】

DIY: How To Install Pavers Over Old Concrete

Nov 20 9 ... You can see here how short our bottom porch step is, and the unfinished edge in the front. We bought limestone stair treads from a local stone yard to cap the front of the walkway and all of the stairs. It& 39;s a little...【Get Price】

How to Build a Deck Over a Concrete Patio DIY

Is your old concrete patio an eyesore? You can avoid the cost and mess of tearing it out by just screwing down wood sleepers and decking over it. ... Look for the highest hump in the patio and fasten your first sleeper there. Then work outward...【Get Price】

How To Install Tile Over An Existing Concrete Patio – The RTA Store

25 Jul 20 7 ... Is your “patio” simply a concrete slab? You can give your patio new life by installing tile right over it Are you ready to DIY? This is an easy project to tackle. Here,...【Get Price】

how to install railing on concrete stoop

In this video I show steps for using them to install a powdercoated steel handrail to 20 year old concrete steps. Compared to other ... Jun 4, 20 3 - Attaching a wooden railing to a concrete porch adds a touch of elegance. Many people are...【Get Price】

How to Add Concrete to Existing Concrete with Pictures - wikiHow

If you plan on pouring a lot of concrete, build a wood and mesh barrier first to ensure your new slab is strong. ... It sounds like the existing porch had an unstable footing for the soil movement freeze/thaw and/or was attached to a home with a...【Get Price】

how to cover old concrete patio with composit wood

patio pavers and Seven Trust wood deck tiles totally transform drab cracked concrete surfaces . simply covering the existing patio ... patio attach skirt boards or trim around the outside of the deck and to any other vertical. how to cover a concrete porch...【Get Price】

Should I Build a Low Level Deck Over an Existing Concrete Slab or ...

There are three common foundations if you choose to build a wooden deck. You could use deck blocks, traditional concrete footings, or the Titan Deck Foot Anchor...【Get Price】

Wood Over Concrete Front Porch Refresh The Look Of Your Porch ...

29 Sep 2020 ... If you have an old concrete patio that looks dingy and old you are probably considering adding a new wood deck over the top of your old concrete porch. There...【Get Price】

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,04 Outdoor Concrete Patio, Porch, Deck Design Photos And Ideas. Filter. The wood cladding extends outside and wraps around a corner of the facade.【Get Price】

Attaching Wood To Concrete The Cheap Way - IBUILDIT.CA

This is an old trick that I learned from my time doing concrete formwork, basically you drill a hole just a bit smaller than the width of two nails, then drive the nails in.【Get Price】

If you& 39;ve ever thought about turning your cement porch into a wood ...

Part – Covering an Existing Concrete Porch With Wood My brother returned yesterday afternoon so that we could finish installing the risers. We got kind of a late start, but we were able to get all of the risers at least the ones attached to the...【Get Price】

Installing wood deck over old concrete - Inman

3 Jul 20 2 ... Q: We have a cement patio that is severely cracked, but my husband doesn& 39;t want to jackhammer it out ... A: You can install a wood deck over the old concrete, but the trick is in how to do it without resting the new deck on the...【Get Price】

Patio Resurfacing - Resurface Your Concrete Patio with an Overlay ...

Learn about resurfacing or fixing existing concrete patios. ... A professional contractor can determine if your surface is a good candidate, as well as make it look like wood, brick or stone with a combination of different colors and patterns.【Get Price】

Question about attaching wooden posts to a concrete slab roofing ...

How do I attach a 4"x4" wooden support to a concrete slab our porch ? It& 39;s load bearing ... You would drill the slab and hammer in a lead anchor and screw the lag bolt into it. ... There I go replying to an old thread. Oh, well...【Get Price】

Attaching wooden posts to a poured concrete slab - Fine ...

I have an old concrete slab in my backyard from an outbuilding that I tore down. I& 39;d like to put a pergola on this slab. What would be the best way to attach the posts to the slab? I think I remember seeing a product that you pour...【Get Price】

Install a Ground-level deck over a concrete patio

Install a ground-level deck over a concrete patio. ... The old patio& 39;s surface must be solid and reasonably flat. Gravel, sand, dirt ... Pressure treated wood and recycled plastic lumber are both considered excellent choices for durable sleepers.【Get Price】

How to attach wood/composite planks onto concrete? - Houzz

I have decided that once the concrete patio is finished, I will buy deck planks of either wood or composite and then ... are easy to install  great for DIYers laying decking onto a concrete surface like a rooftop, balcony, or existing deck surface.【Get Price】

Installing a Hardwood Floor Over a Concrete Slab - American ...

Slabs less than 60 days old are generally too wet to install floors. Test for Dryness New concrete is heavy with moisture, and it must be a minimum of 30 days old before moisture testing begins. Determining moisture content of both the wood...【Get Price】

DIY Broken Concrete Patio "Urbanite" - Full Tutorial An Oregon ...

4 Aug 2020 ... Our patio is inside our fence vegetable garden with paths of cardboard and wood chips. Gravel can also be pushed into the patio edges. Prepare the Area. We started with an existing gravel bed and the patio wasn& 39;t going to...【Get Price】

attach wood to concrete - Ask the Builder

Insert a /4" masonry drill bit, 4 or 6 inches long, into the hammer drill. Drill through the wood and into the concrete. Pull the drill out occasionally to clear the...【Get Price】

HOME CLINIC; Attaching Wood to Concrete Floor - The New York ...

27 Mar 988 ... Two instances where this is necessary are covering a concrete slab by building a wood or wood-supported floor over it, and installing a partition...【Get Price】

decking be laid directly on concrete - PaintRight Colac

An existing patio or concrete base can be used as a solid foundation for your deck. ... 3 Feb 20 8 But you can& 39;t just put wood porch/deck boards directly onto concrete. ... Attaching beautiful to an existing Concrete patio This Old House.【Get Price】

Building a Wooden Deck Over a Concrete One : 6 Steps with ...

So we& 39;ve had this very sturdy but extremely plain looking concrete porch in the back of the house, and we& 39;ve always ... In our case we just had an old wood skirt that had been attached to the concrete sides with some bolts, and a simple railing...【Get Price】

3 Reasons to Choose a Concrete Patio Surface Port Aggregates

When compared to wooden decks and patio surfaces composed of paver stones or bricks, concrete patios are the clear winner. From a wide variety of styles and...【Get Price】

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9 Oct 2020 ... Your total cost will also increase if you need a pro to remove an old concrete patio slab. ... be required if your patio project involves electrical or plumbing work or if you plan to install a pergola, patio covering or wood deck.【Get Price】

Covering An Existing Concrete Porch With Wood - Part - Addicted ...

3 Feb 20 8 ... ... my existing concrete front porch with wood so that I can stain it and it will look like a traditional wood front porch. But you can& 39;t just put wood porch/deck boards directly onto concrete. First, you have to attach risers/sleepers to...【Get Price】

How to Build a Wood Deck Over a Concrete Patio Hunker

An old, cracked, partially sunken concrete patio can be an eyesore if not a safety ... Start by securing two-by-four runners, or sleepers, to the concrete, then attach...【Get Price】

Building a Pergola – How to Attach Patio Pergola to Your House ...

pergola plans How to attach pergola posts to concrete slab. Drill Patio for ... Printable Wall Art, Vintage Map - Old Americas - Instant Download ... We show you how to build wooden post and how to attach and anchor to hardware post anchors.【Get Price】

Attaching wooden posts to a poured concrete slab - Fine ...

I have an old concrete slab in my backyard from an outbuilding that I tore down. I& 39;d like to put a pergola on this slab. What would be the best...【Get Price】

DIY: Turning a Cement Porch Into a Wood Deck - Catz in the Kitchen

26 Jul 20 7 ... Covered the porch useing your method but extended it across the front of the house. Sunk posts for support and attached railings. Built stringers for stairs matching existing stair run and used them to anchor stair treads. My...【Get Price】

How Do I Cover an Old Concrete Patio? All Pro Decks and Patios

Oct 2020 ... Cover an old concrete patio with a wood or composite deck to bring a warm, organic look to the backyard. Build the new deck with wood or composite decking and attach the deck directly to the concrete patio. There are...【Get Price】

6 Concrete Patio Ideas to Boost the Appeal of That Drab Slab ...

22 Oct 20 9 ... ... times as much. Also, concrete patios are more durable and require less maintenance than wood decks. ... Install clay pavers for your patio. “You could also resurface your old backyard patio with new clay pavers,” says Marc Barnes from Pine Hall Brick Company, based in Winston-Salem, NC. Clay pavers...【Get Price】

build composite decking over concrete patio - The Lord Nelson

2updating your deck or patio is a snap with these easy-to-install decking tiles. . these 8-inch teak tiles create the perfect ... i build a deck over my existing concrete patio or other? .. wood or composite is a great choice for it& 39;s ease of install. you...【Get Price】

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Patios on This Old House. ... How to Upgrade a Concrete Urban Patio ... How to Anchor Hardscaping with Plants This Old House: Live. Filed under: Patios...【Get Price】